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Innovation in Insurance Is Under Way

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What Makes An Industry Cloud Leader?

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Guidewire CEO Talks Insurance Disruption and the Evolving Role of Core Systems

Insurance Innovation Reporter, 2015年11月25日

Promutuel Reinvents Application Training with e-Learning and Gamification

(with Guidewire customer, Promutuel Assurance)

Insurance Innovation Reporter, 2015年11月19日

Guidewire adapts broker portal

Insurance Age, 2015年11月04日

Where will tech change leave the broker?

Insurance Age, 2015年11月04日

Guidewire Connections: Aviva warns of “serious disintermediation”

(with Guidewire customer, Aviva UK)

Insurance Age, 2015年11月03日

5 Trends Are Reshaping the Insurance Industry—Guidewire CEO

Insurance Innovation Reporter, 2015年11月03日

Guidewire Connections: Strong leadership needed to deal with disruption

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Guidewire Connections: Competition in digital arena “merciless”

Insurance Age, 2015年11月02日

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