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Speed-to-Market Requires More than a Quick Fix

with Guidewire customer, MiddleOak

ITA Pro Magazine, 2014年06月01日

Customer Service Core to Promutuel's IT Revamp

Insurance & Technology, 2014年05月16日

Centralize Data to Accelerate Core System Replacement

ITA Pro Magazine, 2014年04月28日

ICBC Transforms its Business

with Guidewire customer, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)

BC Broker, 2014年04月01日

Q&A: CIO John Kish on SafeAuto’s Transformation Journey

with Guidewire customer, SafeAuto Insurance

Insurance Innovation Reporter, 2014年03月04日

Why Donegal Insurance is Saving Policy Admin for Last

with Guidewire customer, Donegal Insurance Group

Insurance & Technology, 2014年02月14日

CIO Survivors: Mutual Interest – Mike Keller, Nationwide

with Guidewire customer, Nationwide Insurance

Insurance Innovation Reporter, 2014年01月19日

Omnichannel Revolution Grips Insurance Core Systems

with Guidewire customer, Mercury Insurance Group

Insurance & Technology, 2013年12月19日

What Does The Cloud-Based Insurer Look Like?

with Guidewire customer, Pacific Compensation Insurance Company

Insurance & Technology, 2013年12月19日

RACQ Taps Guidewire to Recover from Partnership Dissolution

with Guidewire customer, RACQ Insurance

Insurance & Technology, 2013年12月06日

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