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Why Donegal Insurance is Saving Policy Admin for Last

with Guidewire customer, Donegal Insurance Group

Insurance & Technology, 2014年02月14日

CIO Survivors: Mutual Interest – Mike Keller, Nationwide

with Guidewire customer, Nationwide Insurance

Insurance Innovation Reporter, 2014年01月19日

Omnichannel Revolution Grips Insurance Core Systems

with Guidewire customer, Mercury Insurance Group

Insurance & Technology, 2013年12月19日

What Does The Cloud-Based Insurer Look Like?

with Guidewire customer, Pacific Compensation Insurance Company

Insurance & Technology, 2013年12月19日

RACQ Taps Guidewire to Recover from Partnership Dissolution

with Guidewire customer, RACQ Insurance

Insurance & Technology, 2013年12月06日

Digital - The Best Policy

with Guidewire customer, Mercury Insurance Group (see pages 6-8)

Insurance & Technology, 2013年12月01日

Hurricane Irene’s Lessons Powered NJM’s Superior Superstorm Sandy Response

with Guidewire customer, NJM Insurance Group

Insurance Innovation Reporter , 2013年10月31日

Crash Course: 4 Core System Replacement Strategies

Insurance & Technology, 2013年10月30日

Amica's Peter Moreau Innovates with Local Pride

with Guidewire customer, Amica Mutual Insurance Company

Insurance & Technology, 2013年10月29日

Great American's Piyush Singh Thrives as Change Agent

with Guidewire customer, Great American Insurance Group

Insurance & Technology, 2013年10月24日

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